LU-NA sh.p.k was established as a company in 18.09.2002 with NUIS K31412087P. The current premises of the company are located in Rruga e Durresit, Pallati Fratari, Kulla 1, Kati 1, Tirana, Albania.

The administrator of the company Mr. Bilbil RAKIPI is certified for Professional Competency License for ground transportation within the country (Certificate No. Nr.0510, dated 23.07.2015) and internationally (Certificate No.0512, dated 23.07.2015).

LU-NA sh.p.k has almost 16 years of experience in ground transportation of passengers.

Thanks to this experience throughout the years and the continuous investments in vehicles, equipment, tools and human resources, the company has succeeded to grow and expand in:

  • International transportation of passengers
  • InterCity transportation of passengers
  • Specialized employee transportation from and to workplaces
  • Specialized pupils and students transportation from and to schools


LU-NA own 65 vehicles of different types, buses and minibuses, produced from 2000 and onwards. All vehicles are certified and licensed accordingly with all necessary documentation mandatory for passengers transportation.

Each vehicle has its own certificate of the general periodic technical check performed every 6 months.

They are also equipped with the certificate for fulfilling the prerequisites for a comfortable transportation for passengers.

The vehicles have the certificate of completion of the technical operation (tachograph). In compliance with laws and regulations, all vehicles have the mandatory insurance policies for third party liabilities.

Air conditioning is present in every bus and minibus.

For safety and quality management reasons, security cameras and GPS trackers are installed in all vehicles.
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Licensed form the Municipality of Tirana for years 2007-2016 and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure from 2017 and on, the company holds the following licenses for the respective services:

Regular intercity ground transportation services of passengers within the country for the following destinations:

  1. Tirane – Rinas (Airport) – Tirane License No.01/1, dated 04.07.2018
  2. Tirane – Lezhe – Tirane License No.14, dated 04.01.2017.
  3. Tirane – Lac – Tirane License No.15/1, dated 04.07.2018
  4. Tirane – Fushe Kruje – Tirane License No.16/1, dated 04.07.2018

International ground transportation services of passengers, license LN-2687-01-2011

  1. For touristic transportation services and tours and with foreign and local tourists, individuals or organized in groups, nationally and internationally.
  2. Services according to touring guides, hotel reservations and accommodations, etc.

The management is clearly focused and supportive in continuous staff development and qualification through frequent trainings and promotions to higher positions within the company.


We are committed to a safe and healthy work environment not only to our employees and collaborates, but also to the people we serve. We work every day to achieve the highest standards of occupational health and safety and ensure minimum impact of our activities to the environment.

LU-NA has established and maintains a policy for sustainable development, occupational health and safety, and quality management, which is applied and executed in all business functions.

We develop and maintain a suitable, straightforward and personal communication culture that encourages continuous education, training and professional development at every level. We have a Health Management Strategy that covers a wide range of healthcare for all our staff.


LU - NA is aware of the impact that transport has on our environment.

Our policies are:

  • Environmental protection and pollution prevention.
  • Investment in the purchase of new buses and delivery of their periodic services.
2015: 45,923km
2016: 112,760km
2017: 345,160km

OUR SUCCESSQuality of Services

The quality management system of the service includes all stages of the transport of passengers.

We follow a standard quality control process:

  • Implementation of the regulation by the asset managers.
  • Implementation of specific standards in service delivery.
  • Implementation of the code of conduct by all asset managers and employees.
  • Collection of data and their reporting.
  • Functions of directors and employees.
  • Control and training for knowledge (legislation, regulation, etc.) on the drivers and employees.
  • Employee motivation.