Luna sh.p.k

For the realization of domestic and international travels “LU – NA” sh.p.k  possesses :

  • A significant number of buses and minibuses with capacities ranging from 7 to 60 seated seats for such organizations including small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, government agencies, NGOs, students, students and various groups.foreign tourists who visit Albania and neighboring countries privately.
  • Transport vehicles for foreign tourists visiting Albania and finding tourist agencies that provide guides for Albania and neighboring countries and accommodation at the hostel / hostel in Albania
  • Expectations in airport and transportation service for groups of tourists, business groups and individuals during their stay in Albania.

We provide security, correctness and convenience.

  • Comfort and maximum quality
  • Experienced drivers, trusted and confidential staff for your journey.
  • Flexibility to meet your requirements and always ready to inform you.
  • Our Buses at your disposal are the production of recent years, with high security standards and comfy.
  • Free WI-FI, the ability to use the internet throughout your trip, giving you the opportunity to stay in touch with friends or relatives, to inform you or to share emotions.

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