"LU-NA" sh. p.k Transport is more than a Transportation Company. With over 15 years of experience in passenger transport services. Established by the Tirana district court decision no. 28267, dated 18.09.2002, and with the identification number of the taxable person K31412087P, the company has grown to become a leading provider of transport services in Albania. Under the professional leadership of Mr. Bilbil RAKIPI, the company's administrator, an excellent mechanical engineer equipped with the certificate of Professional Competence in road transport "LU-NA" sh. p.k. has expanded its activity in: - International Transport of passengers - Transport service on regular intercity lines for passengers - Regular specialized service from home to work of employees - Home - Educational Institution - Pupils and Students - Tourist - Teambuilding activity etc. No matter what size group you have, we have the resources to handle it, from 7-seater vans to 50/60-seater buses. Trust us to get your group marching to your destination with confidence. In only two decades, Albania has emerged from a Communist era and developed into a modern metropolis. The city's booming business, beaches, luxury hotels, fine restaurants, and tourism publicity have attracted many new companies and tourists. Be sure you have all worries cleared away while booking our services and tours in "LU-NA" sh. p.k. As part of this service that we are proud of, we maintain our vehicle's immaculate condition and ensure they are always of the best breed and model, ensuring safety and comfort at all times. In the unlikely event of delayed service due to a technical snag, we immediately deploy our backup system, guaranteeing that our passengers arrive on time. No matter what size group you have, we have the resources to handle it.